Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella

I'm in the process of reading Remember Me? for a second time. It's unusual for me to reread anything, especially light reads like this one. But the book was fun, so I recommended it to my book club. It will be the subject of our discussion at the November meeting. I'm rereading it with enough time to give some thought to what I want to say about it. I'm thinking of leading with the question "What event would be significant enough in your life to cause you to completely change your personality?" That should get the talk rolling.

Here's my review from the first time I read it:

This is the third Sophie Kinsella book I've read and the one I enjoyed the most. Kinsella creates strong female characters that seem to come off a bit flaky at first. But, as her books move along, the strengths and talents of these young women become evident. Remember Me? does not differ from that pattern.

Lexi Smart is out clubbing with her pals on a rainy night. When she tries to run to catch a cab, she slips and falls down a flight of stairs. She wakes up in a hospital thinking it is the following day, but soon learns that three years have gone by. The stairs are ancient history. This time it was a car accident that caused her to hurt her head.

Lexi has become a different person than she was on what still feels like the previous day. She needs to find out about her relationships with men, including the husband she doesn't remember. She also needs to discover what happened with her career and why her mother, sister, and friends all treat her differently than they had before. It is as if she's inhabited a stranger's body.

The book is a light read and quite funny at times. A few of the supporting characters are one dimensional, but all the mains ones are fully developed and believable. The plot catches the reader and at times it is a hard book to put down.

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