Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday in the gallery with Toni

Last Sunday was Valentine's Day. It was also the opening for a show of pastels by the Pastel Society of North Carolina. So Toni and I celebrated the holiday with wine and cheese and a chance to enjoy some spectacular art. The show is in the Ambleside Gallery on Elm Street in Greensboro and will be there through March 14. It is a lovely gallery in a wonderful section of town that is filled with other galleries, coffee shops, clubs and a few theaters.

Toni had two pieces in the show this year. The picture I've posted above is one of those. It's part of her Orchard Apples series, number 8 to be specific. There were landscapes (Toni's second piece was one of those) and still lifes as well as a picture of a sea turtle and one of a blue heron. All the work was executed wonderfully.

I always have such a great time at these openings. I love to talk with the artists and hear descriptions of what they went through to produce their work. Every piece seems to have a story and all the members of PSNC are remarkably talented.

After the opening some of us went out for dinner and shared a few more stories. It was great way to spend a Sunday and a Valentine's Day.

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