Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Authors Show

Video of a reading of Motherless Soul

There were times when I heard commentators talking about "living in cyberspace" that I felt they were over hyping the technology. After all isn't email just a quicker way to write a letter? That was before I had Motherless Soul accepted for publication by All Things That Matter Press and I began the process of marketing a book in the internet age. I am amazed by the amount of resources that are available for people interested in writing or reading the works of new writers. There are also social networks that are more than a group of people telling each other what they are planning for dinner that night. And there are different types of media that allow people to focus on what they want to hear. The Authors Show is one of those. I'm scheduled to interview with
Don McCauley next week (Saturday Feb 20). Our talk will be recorded and be available for my friends and readers to listen to whenever they choose.

These cyber groups of writers and readers are people who share my interest, but everyone has a place out there. Art is my wife's main interest. She can share critiques over the web and visit the websites for most of her friends. My brother had some health issues a few years back and needed a stem cell transplant. He and his wife use the internet to locate others in similar situations and provide support. It goes on and on.

I guess there is a down side to the ability to meet others who are similar to ourselve, since we may limit our exposure to new ideas. But in my opinion the up side of sharing our work and our dreams greatly outweighs that.


  1. This is a great show, as a fomer photojournalist who's interviewed hundreds of people, Don McCauley has such a great interviewing style that he puts the authors at ease so they can deliver their best insights into the literary world, as well as why they write what they write. Can't wait to hear yours.

  2. Thanks. The interview seemed to go well. I hope yours did also. Keep me posted on your date.