Sunday, March 15, 2015

Listening to Motherless Soul

People often label the process of writing a novel as a solitary task. But there are stages along the way when the task opens up in ways that are amazing.

I'm a member of a critique group that helps me find the sections that don't work as well as I hoped they would, so I can make them work. My wife is a great reader and also helps me polish the work. My publisher edits my work before bringing it out. And when it's read by people I know, I get the joy of discussing what they discovered in my words. All of those moments are fun.

And I just had another one.

The audio version of Motherless Soul was just released. It's read by a young woman from Florida named Michelle Haynes, who happens to have a lovely voice.

The process of creating this work was handled by my publisher, so I wasn't involved. But I listened to the entire reading as soon as I could. It's wonderful to hear someone take my words and make them her own. She always reads clearly and changes her voice for different characters in ways that are subtle, but effective. She puts emotion in areas that are different from the places I would have chosen, so it became a different story than it would have been had I read it. I love that.

I've never met Michelle, but I've shared a project with her and it's one that I take pride in. A sample of her reading is available on the Amazon site. Click here to hear then click on Sample.

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