Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye for Now and Someone

The holiday season has kept me away from posting for a couple of weeks, so this time I'm sending out links to two book reviews.

The first, Goodbye for Now, is what I would call a science fiction, because the plot is based on the main character having programming abilities that are beyond the reach of today's programmers. But it is still realistic enough to be believable. At times it is fun, but at other times it is very serious. Laurie Frankel talks about grief in ways that would apply to anyone who has experienced a loss. People need to remember, even when the sensation is painful. Sometimes the memories can be addicting.

The second book review I've included in this post is for Alice McDermott's Someone. This book is beautifully written and does an excellent job of portraying the life of an ordinary woman in Brooklyn, NY. I loved the atmosphere and the poetry of the words. There are interesting relationships and interesting things that happen along the way as Marie lives her life, but the plot doesn't seem important to the writer.

These two books are as different as day and night, but I enjoyed them both.

Hope everyone has a great 2015!

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