Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Doomsday Book at our book club

Connie Willis's The Doomsday Book was a hit at our book club. My wife recommended it and led the discussion. The club meets in our church and many of the members are in our choir and bell choir. Christian traditions that have provided continuity throughout history were one interesting topic of discussion. The technology of the future from a viewpoint that is now twenty years old was another. The characters in the book are strong and interesting. It is the human side of Willis's portrayal of life in Europe during the plague that was the most fascinating. I recommend this choice to others looking for book club discussions. The only problem with it is accessibility. It's twenty years old, so our local library had only one copy left...and it was in Korean.

Anyone who would like to read my review from May of last year can find it here: Doomsday May 21 2011.

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