Saturday, February 5, 2011

Six Unsynchronized Souls on Feb 24th

I'll be on Monica Brinkman's blogtalk radio show on February 24th at 8:00 PM EST. Click here for more information.

I'll be talking about my novel, Motherless Soul, but this time I'll be focusing on the theme of Mother/Daughter relationships. The core of the story is about a woman who is in her eighties who lost her mother when she was two. She contacts a hypnotist to recover memories from those early years so she can learn about her mother. In the process she discovers she's had many past lives and experienced the same tragedy each time. She needs to use what she learns from the past to prevent her next incarnation from going through the same horrific occurrence.

By incorporating the concept of past lives into my story I was able to approach Mother/Daughter relationships in a unique way. For example one character has the opportunity to instruct her next mother on how she should treat the child she will have someday. In another situation two friends were mother and daughter in a past life and have behavior patterns that stem from that relationship.

But the program won't be exclusively about Motherless Soul. I've invited some friends to join me. These are women who are each daughters and mothers and sometimes grandmothers as well. There won't be definite answers, just lots of opinions and stories. It should be fun.

You can call in to (213) 769-0952 on that night to join in on the conversation or you can listen in at The show will be archived so you can hear it later if you prefer.

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