Saturday, July 3, 2010

Radio Reading from Motherless Soul

Note: Authors Read Radio will be closing its doors as of noon, July 31. My reading will not appear as scheduled. I will be looking for other opportunities to publicize Motherless Soul and will list them on this blog when they appear.

On August 28th at 9:00 AM Pacific time (12:00 ET) I'll be reading a selection from Motherless Soul on the Authors Read show on

At other readings of my book I've always chosen a section that is close to the beginning. This time I decided to pull from the middle. The book is a past lives mystery taking place in multiple eras. In this selection Stephie, a Presbyterian youth minister, is regressed. The memories that are pulled out of the hidden areas of her mind are of a life she lived as Alex, a civil war nurse. She lives with her mother outside of Gettysburg, PA. It is after the battle. She is heading home to let her mother know she is unharmed when a sudden storm breaks out. This is a disastrous situation because many of the wounded soldiers she had been tending to were left near a creek. She knows that creeks can flood quickly and she knows that most of those soldiers are too weak to help themselves.

Michael, a friend of Stephie's, is with her when she is regressed, listening to her account of her life as Alex. He had been through a similar regression prior to Stephie's and they both know that in his former life he was Charles, a soldier who is with Alex. The relationship between Charles and Alex is a little further along than the relationship between Michael and Stephie. This puts them in the unusual position of getting a glimpse of where they are headed.

Listen to the reading if you have the time on August 28th and let me know what you think.

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